Useful Transition Words when Writing an Essay

Transition words or phrases are used to smoothly direct a reader from one point to the next throughout an essay. These are strategically placed at the beginning of each body paragraph. The proper use of these words or phrases will help the writer lead into the next piece of evidence. They help to demonstrate the relation of one issue to another. Below is a list of useful transitions, and their proper placement in relation to the essay’s format.

It is very important that the student understand and utilize these formatting tips well. Also important is knowing many of the key transition words. A professor or instructor will very quickly notice the overuse of these words and it could potentially affect the final grade of the essay. Rest assured that once you begin using them it will become second nature.

There are many ways to approach this topic. Some transitional words are simply one single word that will be followed up with relevant information. “ First, generally, assuredly, indeed, incidentally, therefore,” and” next” are all useful one words transitions. Others include “thus, instead, besides, also, now”, and “then.”

Some transitions consist or more than one words. Be careful when utilizing these as a professor may see it as an attempt to simply meet a words count requirement. That being said, things like “in the first place, to begin, to start, according to, in this situation,” and “in relation to” are all great ways to start a new paragraph. Also try “above all, at this level, due to,” relatively speaking.”

Simply knowing the potential transitional words is not enough. Some of the will work in certain situations but others will not. Understand this and pay special attention to how you approach your use of these literary pieces. “Beginning with” will not work at a later point in your essay and will tip off a professor to the fact that you are not properly utilizing these techniques.

All of these are useful ways to transition a reader from one thought to the next throughout the paper. Obviously, writers are not limited to the above lists. There are many other phrases or terms of expressions that could be used as well. The idea is to make the use of these words or phrases second nature. Once the practice has been utilized for a while it will become easier and easier. Before long the student will find it to be a simple and habitual part of the writing process.

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