Lack Of Parental Attachment And Juvenile Delinquency

Juvenile delinquency is the crime of children between the ages of 10 to 18. There are many studies and researches on the juvenile delinquency which revealed that lack of Parental attachment is one of the major causes of juvenile delinquency.

In European countries mostly parents are working persons. They haven’t enough time for their children. They live a very busy life. They don’t have leisure time as to spend with their children. And the result of that lack of time leads to lack of attachment between parents and children. The parents don’t have knowledge about the routine life, habits, hobbies, study pattern, psyche, problems and social life of their children.

Parents don’t know:

  • Where are their children spending most of their time?
  • What types of friends they have?
  • Are they in good company or bad company?
  • Have they any problem?
  • What are their needs (emotional, attachment needs)?
  • Are they in a relationship?
  • What is the type of their relationship?

  • Causes of Lack of Parental attachment:

    • Working parents
    • Broken families
    • Poverty
    • Richness

    Effects of Lack of Parental Attachment:

    • Psychologically some children want special attention from their parents as compare to their brothers and sisters. As a result of lack of attention they start doing such things to attract their parent’s attention and may b they are involved in Juvenile delinquency.
    • Because of lack of attachment, parents don’t know the company of their children and they don’t tell them what is good and what is bad, and they may have joined a bad company which is committing criminal activities.
    • Broken families also result in lack of attachment and studies show most of delinquents belong to broken families.
    • Richest parents are busy in their social life and they don’t interfere in their children’s life so they haven’t an eye on children’s activities and they are involved in Juvenile delinquency as an adventure activity.

    In Eastern counties rate of Juvenile delinquency is less as compare to European countries, as eastern parents have emotional attachment with their children they keep a check on the activities of their children. But there are also the same reasons of Juvenile delinquency in Eastern countries.

    Lack of parental attachment is more in upper and lower class while less in middle class, that’s why Juvenile delinquency rate is more in upper and lower class.

    Parents should have enough attachment with their children that they can share their feelings and emotions with them. They should have control over their activities. They must create a healthy and friendly environment in the home for the healthy and normal growth of their children so then avoid the Juvenile delinquency.

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