Summary on the Cask of Amontillado

The story – The Cask of Amontillado – by Edgar Allan Poe is one of the most stories in recent years. This paper aims at discussing the summary of the Cask of Amontillado. The story commences as the narrator, elucidates the cause for the felony. Based on the narrator, the victim, Fortunato had wronged him a number of times but not until Fortunato abused him that he sought vengeance.

The Narrator runs into Fortunato at festival, who was already drunk. He investigates his foe carefully and sees his vulnerability for quality wines. Eventually, he uses wine to corner him. He reveals to Fortunato that he has obtained a cask of Amontillado though he is uncertain if it is real. He laments that he paid full price for Amontillado without discussing with Fortunato, thus fooling on Fortunato's arrogance.

The Narrator then reveals that he understands that Fortunato is occupied and that he is going to request Luchesi to savor the wine, eventually, Fortunato's spirited nature comes to the front. Fortunato asserts that Luchesi knows naught and that he is the superior wine judge. Narrator argues that Fortunato is too occupied for such an errand. Narrator's argument is aimed at increasing Fortunato's curiosity to savor the Amontillado. He and the narrator head to a subversive cemetery, or “catacomb,” of the Narrator family. Ostensibly, that is the place the narrator stores his wine. The narrator guides Fortunato profoundly and deeper into the tomb, making him more drunk on the route. Fortunato continued coughing, and the narrator repeatedly proposes that Fortunato is too ill to go down amongst the wet tombs, and should head back. Fortunato presently talks about the Amontillado.

Consequently, Fortunato gets into a small hole that is enjoined to the wall of a very horrible tomb. The narrator ties Fortunato to the wall, and then starts to bury Fortunato in the opening by blocking up the gap with bricks. Once he has a block remaining, he mentally torments Fortunato until he pleads for forgiveness – and we eventually recognize the narrator’s name - Fortunato names him “Montressor.”

After Fortunato cries out Narrator’s name, he has no more say. Barely before the narrator sets in the last block, Fortunato rings his bells. Then Montressor finishes the task and departs leaving him to die. In the conclusion bit, Montressor tells us that the entire situation occurred fifty years ago, and no one has ever found out.

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