A tutorial on how to create good narrative essay topic

A narrative essay is one that tells the audience a story. It should be written so that the reader is able to envision the time and place that the paper is describing. It is a great writing technique to teach young writers because it forces them to use a lot of description. It shows them how to explain their ideas and how to make sure that they are painting a picture with their words.

A good narrative essay is one that is written well enough for the reader to be able to picture not only what is going on in the story but also where it takes place. The description that is needed in this type of essay is very detailed. The reader should feel like they are there while they are reading the piece of work.

How to get it done:

  1. Use of first person voice
  2. Most narratives use the first person voice to tell the story. This means that the story is written using “I”. It is a less formal style than other academic essays that do not allow the use of “I”. The third person voice may be used as well if the writer would like the narrative written through the eyes of someone besides themselves.

  3. Quality detail must be used
  4. The detail is the most important part. Every narrative essay should be full of detail that describes the scene, the people, and the actions. The idea is to invoke all five senses. Explain how the “brisk air smells of roses in the pale blue sky”. The reader will see the pale blue sky, smell the roses, and feel the brisk air on their skin as they read.

  5. Tell a story
  6. The main idea of a narrative is to tell a story. Whether the purpose of the story is to tell your reader about a specific time period or a family trip, it should have the main parts of a story. The story should build on some conflict until it reaches a climax and ends with a resolution. There should be some sort of series of chronological events.

These three tips are sure to help you create an awesome narrative. Now that you have an idea of what will be expected of you, you will know what to write about. You can write about an even that happened in your life or a time period that interests you. Write about when your team won the championship game, or when you took a trip to Spain.

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