Starting An Essay In A Proper Way

Getting started on your essay is often the hardest part of writing it, but these obstacles can be overcome if you’re willing to put your mind to it and persevere. To help you along, here are some tips on how to start your essay correctly.

Summarize your content

If you can successfully sum up your content within a few words, you’ve developed a valuable skill. Try and look at your essay as a picture. If you were to describe that picture in words, what would you say? This is how you sum up an essay.

By describing a picture, you assume that most of it is already visible to the reader. Your content will be read later, so the introduction should have the main details left out. Leave out the spoilers and just wet the reader’s appetite to read further.

A great title

The way good titles are invented is by a deeper understanding of the content. If you can grasp what your statement is about, then your title will encompass that belief system. Good titles serve to win the reader over before and after they’ve read your essay.

Before someone reads your paper, they should say, “Hmm, good title. I think I will enjoy reading this.” And when they’re finished reading your essay, they should say, “Wow. Now I can see why it was called that.”

A good setting

The beginning of your main content should be a ‘where we stand now’ description; also known as the setting. Your setting should not be described in the introduction, but rather at the start of the actual reading journey. This applies not only to narrative essays, but factual ones too. Your setting tells the reader how calm the water is before you throw the pebble in.

The character of your subject

Whether you’re describing a person, substance, state of mind or a piece of literature, you must give a detailed account of the main subject of your essay. By giving the reader insight into the core of your discussion, you set a good scene to follow on from.

The line

Think of the line (in the hook, line and sinker analogy) as the part of your paragraph that should connect parts of your first paragraph. Every good essay starts with a good connection from the introduction to the first paragraph, as well as from the first paragraph to the next. Keep this type of flow going all along your essay and you can’t go wrong.

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