Essay Writing Guide: Answering Question

What is a question?

A question can be defined as a statement that seeks for a response or answer. During the daily life activities, we are faced with questions requiring to be answered. Some may be direct questions requiring direct answers or open ended questions that required detailed explanations. We may also encounter questions that do not require answers, that is, rhetorical questions. Questions for part of our daily lives and the way we answer them matters to our level of success. In academic work, the way we answer examinations questions will determine success. People often fail because they fail to answer the question correctly. This comes due to the fact that they are unable to clearly understand the question.

What does it take to answer questions correctly?

Understand the question: it is important to clearly examine the question before you plunge into answering it. The aim of answering questions can be to contribute positively to the conversation or discussion. It is therefore not wrong to probe in attempts to seek clarity on the question. This will give u a good chance to understand the question for you to give a correct or desirable answer. Blabbing away results from answering questions without a clear mind or understanding what is being asked.

In the case of written questions, read to understand. It is recommended that you read the question more than once and try to get what kind of response is required.

  • Listening: to effectively understand the question and avoiding pardoning the person asking, it is advisable to pay close attention. This will enable you get all details of the question being asked. After the question has been asked, some people add details of the kind of answer they are looking for. Listening will help you grasp the fine details and give a correct answer.
  • Relax and think: after you understand the question, pause and ask yourself if you have the answer being sought. If it is a public forum, as yourself if you are allowed to speak on the issue being asked or are you authorized to answer such a question.
  • Give the answer: when you determine the correct answer, state it precisely. Just talk on the matter being discussed and do not try to give explanations that are not related to the question.

In public forums or interviews, you should be confident and use precise words that are easy to understand. Remember not to judge or prejudice the person asking the question.

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