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What are Cause and Effect Essays?

Cause and effect is that genre of essay where the writer aims to write about the causes and effects of a certain event or a situation. The causes are basically the reasons of that particular event or situation, whereas the effects are the result of that occurrence.

Brainstorming about choosing a Cause and Effect Essay Topic:

It is an essay type which requires very extensive brainstorming in order to choose a good and a comfortable topic to write on. Sometime the topics have some multiple causes with a single result and sometimes one single cause can lead to multiple results. Therefore, critically analyze the topics and think of relevant examples which you think can prove your argument at the end. If you are not logically right from the beginning, then you might find yourself in the middle of nowhere later on.

Tips for choosing the right source or the right source and effect essay topics:

  • Go with a topic about which you are very comfortable and knowledgeable. The topic should be of the nature about which you are sure that you can provide several arguments with reasonable examples as well. You can go for any simple topic which can be anything about your life or personal experiences. Ideally, you can focus on your past causes that are connected as a result in your today. These results can also be something that can affect your future.
  • Choose a topic that you understand the most. Writing a good essay takes a lot of your energy in focusing on the arguments and the support statements to prove your point. It should be noted that the topic at the end should give your results or the essence of your analysis, which you discussed in the body of your essay.
  • Choose a topic that is thoughtful and unique. Don’t just choose a topic that is very common and you are sure that a lot of students have already written a lot on it. The essay should essentially reflect your own ideas, experiences and a unique conclusion. In short, it should be a challenging and a thought provoking essay for the readers.
  • Your essay should be very specific with a connection with real life events. Further, your arguments should be supported by relevant examples as well.

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