Finding reliable academic essay writing services

Essay Writing Services Are a Growing Trend

As a higher and higher percentage of the population enrolls in colleges and universities, academic competition becomes increasingly steep. To succeed in the job market as a young twenty something, a bachelor’s degree is not always sufficient anymore. You must have a strong transcript to back up that diploma, whether you are heading to graduate school, an internship, or the mainstream working world after school.

As competition for grades heightens, more students are resorting to external, paid sources of assistance. Gone are the days of using an informal peer editing group or relying on the free university writing center. Instead, a growing proportion of the student body is paying professionals to write or edit their research papers, essays, theses, and term projects. If you are worried about your grades or the quality of your prose, you may want to turn to such services, too.

Many Essay Writing Services Are of Low Quality

Before you shell out the cash for professional writing help, you should be cautious. Because the demand for professional editing and writing help is so large, there is an entire online market devoted to selling questionable essays and papers from less that accomplished writers. There are also many services that are utter scams, or that use inadequate web security, which can lead to identity theft problems and credit card insecurity.

So before you provide your credit card information or contact information to a professional writer or an online writing service, you must confirm that the service is reliable and worthy of your trust. Here are some factors to consider when reviewing potential writers or companies.

What are the writers’ credentials?

Ask your writer for their background information. Request a resume, curriculum vitae, and a series of writing samples. If a writer refuses to provide you with their background information, you should refuse to work with them. Be especially wary of a writer who works anonymously, or uses a name that you cannot trace to any web site or social media presence.

Confirm that your writer has the education level he or she professes to possess. Do not pay a writer until you have read some of their previous work; make sure their papers and essays are high quality, with few errors and proficient control of the English language. Only deal with a writer who can put you in touch with previous clients, or who is represented by a well regarded writing service. Look up reviews or ask to speak with other customers.

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