Essay Writing Tips: overall Structure

The essay is usually defined as a set of paragraphs which are connected together in such a way that they construct one linear argument through a series of different arguments. In an essay, the flow should be such that one point should lead to the other. Each paragraph should seem continuation of the previous one. You must be careful while writing the essay as it should seem disconnected in its parts and none of the arguments should be irrelevant. You must only choose a topic when it is completely in your hands, that is, you have your own idea of the topic and have a thesis statement.

The overall structure of the essay which is commonly followed and is really effective is as follows:

  1. introduction
  2. main body of the essay
  3. conclusion


Introduction of the essay contain construction of a thesis statement. Thesis statement is the statement which narrates your point of view in one word and is crux of the essay. The whole essay is going to be based on the thesis statement. Stronger a thesis statement is more influential and effective will be the impression of your essay. Also it introduces the main idea of the essay that will be discussed in the coming paragraphs.

Main body of the essay:

Main body of the essay starts after the introductory paragraphs. Usually it starts from the second paragraph. In the main body of the essay, each paragraph discusses one argument, for example, after introduction, paragraph one will present first argument while paragraph two will contain second argument and so on. Each paragraph is a series of argumentation and these should not seem disconnected. Each paragraph must be linked to the other paragraphs. You must also try to give facts about the arguments which will add to the authenticity of your argument and make it stronger.


The concluding body of the essay has the purpose to write the conclusions. It presents the thesis statement and the arguments in the form of a summary. Concluding paragraph revisits the arguments and narrates how you have proven the thesis statement of your essay.

Following these outlines and tips, you can make you essay as you desire it to be. So follow these tips and improve your essay writing style. It will form a unified unit of ideas which have been presented in the essay.

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