Mark 3:7-8:21

Robert Stein addressed a very important Biblical argument in his article on the Gospel of Mark. To truly understand the Gospel, as Mark had intended, it is imperative to understand the grammatical structure in which it is written. Considering the Gospel of Mark was written in Greek, the contents would be geared towards individuals familiar with that dialect. Stein also argued for the readers to consider, even if a person has the ability to know the audience that Mark was directing this towards; it does not give any one person a true understanding of the times in which he wrote it.

To hear the gospel and to understand it, in a different time and place, one would have to understand the Greek language. Mark had designed his writings to be heard by the people during that specific time period in which he wrote it. References to other scriptures are left assumptive that the audience will understand. Meaning, things that are not understood in today’s society are not explained because it is geared to the current period in which it was written. Reading the English translated version, in some capacity has to lose some of the intended purpose for which Mark originally wrote it.

Stein had many valid points, answering his own question, is our reading the Bible the same as the original audience hearing it? For example purposes, American’s are not really familiar with life or customs in another county, like Honduras. Would a Honduran Evangelist be able to communicate, through writing, in a capacity that Americans would get the full gist of the message and not lose it from translation and unfamiliarity of culture? It is highly unlikely. There is a big risk in losing the original message as Mark intended for his live audience, and the translation for which we have grown accustom to in today’s day and age. Robert’ question was answered readers of Mark will not get the same message as the original audience who heard it.

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