How do I Write an Analysis Paper in Political Science?

Political Science is an interesting subject. You can study current or past movements in the political and government arenas of many countries. The writing of a paper for political science requires you to try to pick a topic among these vast choices.

Current Trends and Topics

When you pick a current topic ensure that you have enough sources to support your theory. If a topic is just breaking into the news, you want to make sure there are enough valid sources on the subject. Sometimes it is best to select an older event or idea and simply approach it from a new angle. When you do this, you are assured of the fact that there will be documents to support your theories.

Talk to the Exerts

Consider an email, personal, or telephone interview with an expert on your topic. The easiest way to do this is to go to a college or university website. It is even easier if the college or the university is located near your home. Then go to the staff directory and look up the names and contact information of the experts in your field. You can then call or email them ask them questions about your topic. Emailing is the easiest way since both you and the professor are probably busy people. You can just politely ask for help. If they cannot help you, ask them for a name of someone who can help you. Then send your email questions and clearly state when you need the answers back from them.

Political Science Magazines and Journals

Look online for the names of political Science magazines and journals. These days many of them have online subscriptions. Peruse the magazines and look for topics that interest you. There will be many magazines and journals to select your Political Science essay from.

Newspaper Editorial Sections

Look in the editorial section of your local newspaper for ideas about Political Science. You can tell which topics are trending and relevant. There will be several editorials in most major newspapers. The situation will be even better if you can find a pro and a con editorial about your topic. Not only will it help you pick your topic, but you will also have two sources right off the bat!

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