How to convince the Reader with your Essay

Convincing the reader with your essay content is challenging. You need to have an interesting topic and present your content in an intriguing way. You need to understand the significance of proper structure and logic details. Your information should be convincing in a way to which the reader will keep reading wanting to know more. They should develop curiosity and feel they are receiving enough information to learn about the subject.

Compelling Content that Will Pull the Reader In

Convincing the reader with your essay includes having content that stands out while pulling the reader in. You want information that is realistic but will create a feeling of wanting to learn more. Sometimes you need to think about the writing process from another perspective such as novel or short story. Think about what makes you want to continue reading something that was written. You have a sense of curiosity and you want to know what will happen next. The reader of your essay may have the same intentions; meaning you should have an idea of what details they want to read.

Information that is Different, Unique or Unknown

There are times in which presenting information that is unknown or different can help convince readers. It is a matter of presenting evidence or details that provide support for your main idea or purpose for the essay. With admission or application essay writing, for example, you need to convince the approval committee you are a good fit for their school environment. What information would you need to include in your essay that provides proof you are a good candidate for their establishment? Think about content they may have already seen or are aware of due to reviewing a large quantity of application essays. What information would you include that is true but different?

Make Your Argument or Main Idea Unusual

Sometimes it is a matter of presenting typical information from another angle. You can think about the information you want to include and consider how your reader may have an idea what it is about. There are times in which readers can tell what the main idea is without reading the paper all the way to the end. This is something you might want to avoid as it may be more difficult to convince the reader if they already know what to expect.

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