A Few College Term Paper “Polishing” Tips

With all the time and effort that goes into writing a college term paper, most students hope their paper is great. Good is mediocre. But how do you rise above the rest and take your term paper from a good level to a great one? Polishing up after you write can usually accomplish the task!

Tips for polishing up your paper

  1. Give some patience to the process. Rushing a paper rarely results in a great paper. Once you have written several good drafts, revise and proofread and then make final revisions.
  2. Check your paper to ensure you haven’t forgotten to cite any sources. Each one must be properly cited and included in your reference page.
  3. Check the quantity of sources. Are there sufficient to make your case? Are they all relevant? Weed out any week sources and search for a strong one to take their place.
  4. Are you lacking interesting quotes or statistics to enhance and support your piece?
  5. Check your assignment. Have you covered every point? Not missed anything?
  6. Get a professional or someone who is very good to proofread and edit your term paper.
  7. If you don’t feel you can do a thorough job in polishing up your term paper, it might be worth looking for some expert help. Who is available? It can be difficult to find someone who has the time to look at your work and suggest improvements to you. It might mean that you go online and seek some help for this step.

Additional things you can check

  1. Your thesis statement – is it strong? Have you narrowed it down sufficiently? Is your term paper able to completely address the statement and not leave out any pertinent information?
  2. Your term paper’s supporting literature and data – is it credible and relevant? Have you organized it clearly and concisely, smoothly transitioning from one main point to the next?
  3. Do you have the right tone for your intended audience?
  4. Have you cleaned up all the spelling and grammar errors?

The final edit should be done with some time in between writing and editing. Your eyes and brain need a rest. You’ll be much more likely to find and identify errors after you’ve been away from your writing for a few hours or even better, a few days. Reading it out loud also helps to find errors that your eyes are used to skipping over.

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