Purchasing Customized Essays on the Web

You have a two thousand word essay to write, you haven’t started on it yet, you have loads of other homework to complete (not to mention a job), you’re having dinner and a movie with someone at seven…oh yeah, and your two thousand word essay is due tomorrow morning. You simply don’t have the time to do it and it is a major part of your grade for the semester.

When people find themselves in these kinds of situation, they are often forced to turn to hiring a professional writer to help them with their essay, and if they’re really out of time, purchasing a customized essay on the web. If you are forced to turn to this option, here are some guidelines you need to follow:

  • Make sure the essay comes from a reputable source. Find online sites that garner good reviews and where samples of their work appear to be valid and legitimate. You may also want to do a background check on the site to find out their past, where they came from, and why they are performing the service.
  • Don’t severely deplete your wallet. Make sure the site offers affordable prices for quality work. As an added tip that may give you some hope, however, is that sites with expensive prices for written, customized essays are often the ones to avoid, and it’s not simply because these sites are overpriced. It’s because often these sites seek to make a large profit by simply copying and pasting an existing essay, claiming it as their own, and then selling it to an unsuspecting student. Don’t become one of those students.
  • Check for plagiarism! Most professors check your essays for signs of plagiarism thoroughly, and they know the tactics and strategies to do so as well. As such, you must develop the same set of skills for checking purchased customized essays on the web. First type in words or phrases from the essay and see what results pop up on the internet. Then ask yourself some questions. What patterns exist within the essay? Do the same phrases repeatedly keep popping up? Does this essay seem almost too perfect, that it’s too good to be true? There are also many online plagiarism checker sites that you can send the essay to, to make sure that it hasn’t been plagiarized. If your professors are suspicious, they may use these same sites as well.

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