Research Paper Writing Prompts: Structuring your Project

Research for anyone can be hard, take in consideration a large course load, extra circular activities, and work, make for an even harder time. With so much research to do and so little time to think about structuring, one may need a little guidance.


Before you start any research paper you need to do some very important things.

  1. You need to understand what the professor is asking you to do. Make note of what type of essay you will need to construct, and what considerations you need to make for such a paper.
  2. You need to decide on a topic. Your topic needs to be relevant to the assignment, and some cases the professor may provide you with the topic you will be using.
  3. Coming up with a working thesis statement- your thesis is the basis of what your paper will be focused on. it is the statement that all your information will back up through the essay.
  4. Once you have put together your thesis, you need to do some research. You need to find key points that will strengthen your argument, or opinion in the paper.
  5. Once you have gathered up your relevant research, you must organize your information into an outline. The outline will be your guide to follow when writing the paper.
  6. After you have produced an outline it’s time to start your paper.

To start, take out your outline. Use the outline to construct your introductory paragraph. You must start your paper with a line that commands your reader’s attention. After the attention grabber, you must inform the reader of what is to come in the paper and clearly state your thesis or focus for the paper.

For the next section you must provide the breadth of your argument, or essay. This portion of the essay, the body, will give factual information backing your thesis statement. Three main key point should be defines, any more than that and your paper may veer off topic. Each key point made should be back by supporting information. Using research or theory is recommended as they add strength to your claims.

The last portion of your paper should end the paper. It should bring all of the elements of your paper together and create a summary of what was presented to the reader. Only the most important points should be noted here.

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