Exploration of Mars


Since early 1600s, scientists have made extensive effort to explore planet Mars. This has been to investigate whether it is habitable for human beings. Exploration of the mysterious red planet has been marked by long-term evolution. This involves the use of telescopes to the application of rovers on its surface with the ability to beam signals back to Earth. The mystery behind Mars has elicited unending curiosity to uncover the myths about aliens, not to mention the possibility of human beings shifting to the planet.

It all started with the early soviet missions, USA and erstwhile who made continuous attempts to reach Mars regardless of high failure rates. The next program was the mariner program, which was launched in 1964 by NASA. Failures and complications that arose during these missions meant invaluable information had been collected. Other programs such as Viking program, Mars pathfinder and Mars global surveyor were setup to increase success rate of finding something reliable from mars.

Exploration of Mars

Continuous research and exploitation of the planet led to important discoveries. Mars and the earth have close figures in terms of rotational period at the axis, hours that make up a day as well as similarity in the way the day looks. A year in Mars has 687 days because it has an eccentric orbit. The gravity of Mars is a third of the earth. In addition, the atmosphere in Mars was discovered to be thinner as compared to that of the earth. Another important discovery was atmospheric pressure of mars, which was about one per cent that of the earth. These discoveries by NASA revealed a high chance that human beings would live in the planet. However, traces of disappeared aliens and water raise the question of survival, development and communication in the mysterious planet. As such, one research led to another, which creates a vicious cycle of exploitation.

Mars has been a planet that NASA and other international organizations thrive to explore even more. It has taken decades to find valuable information. Recent missions have concentrated on space engineering with scientist switching to manned mission using sky and telescope to retrieved information from Mars. As explorations in Mars incorporate latest technologies, so does the cost of doing research increase.


However, information collected to date fails to offer a precise answer as to whether human beings can survive in Mars. The failure of many missions to the mysterious planet coupled with increasingly huge costs tends to prove that it will be more difficult to set up a home in Mars.

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