An Original List of Topics for Argumentative Research Papers in College

College students are faced with the task of writing argumentative research papers in many of their classes. This type of paper requires a fair amount of research to be performed prior to writing, and a strong position on whatever topic you choose to write about. It’s important to select a topic that has a lot of evidence to support your argument, or else your audience will not be convinced. Here are some original topic ideas you can brainstorm with for your college research paper.

  1. Should teachers also receive grades? – Many believe that teachers should be evaluated by their students to identify which teachers are good and which are not meeting expectations. Is this a good system to introduce?
  2. Are apps more distracting than helpful? – Though there are several apps out there that provide fast and convenient services, the majority of us have at least one app on our phones or tablets that is more entertaining than it is important. Are we wasting too much time on these apps?
  3. Should children have cell phones? – It’s not uncommon for most 8 year olds to have a smartphone. But how young is too young?
  4. Does reality TV encourage stereotypes? – With shows like Jersey Shore around, many stereotypes are promoted which further encourages the use of stereotypes in today’s society. What should be done about reality TV?
  5. Does society place too much pressure on girls? – A lot of women feel that it is impossible to look like the celebrities and models whose photos are everywhere. Are society’s expectations of women unrealistic?
  6. Should tablets replace all school computers? – Many public schools around the nation are introducing tablets for students to use in place of computers. Do these tablets enable higher learning, or do they encourage distracted learning?
  7. Should we study pop culture? – Is pop culture just a petty thing society ranks highly, or is there something that can be learned from it?

These are just some ideas to get you started with the brainstorming process. Whatever you may be passionate about, it’s likely that there is an argument that can be made there. Here are a few more ideas that you might be interested in:

  • Should women receive equal pay?
  • When do pranks cross the line?
  • When do you really enter adulthood?
  • Should marijuana be legalized?
  • Do standardized tests hold too much weight?
  • Is graffiti art?

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