Visual Merchandising Strategies


Visual merchandising is defined as the way in which a business or entrepreneur present his or her products in attracting the attention of the customers. In other terms, it can be defined as the term used in product management, which deals with presenting products in retail outlets to its best advantage. Visual merchandising can take many forms including promotional displays, which introduces a new product and attracts buyer’s attention. Many organizations maximizes on visual mechanizing through different strategies they put in place, which leads to increased productivity.

Strategies used in Visual Merchandising

Clean Image

Colorful cardboards display marked by lightings and sounds make a good foundation of visual marketing as it uplifts the overall appearance of the business and the products. Visual marketing is enhanced through keeping the business clean and the products, which intern appeals to the buyers. Most customers are influenced by cleanliness of a premise hence attracted towards buying the products as well as doing some window-shopping. Colorful merchandising displays confuse customers hence unable to differentiate the reality from appearance; this works to the advantage of the business.


Shelving is a visual merchandising strategy which maximizes the effects of target audience when put in proper structure. In many cases, shoppers search for shelves from left to right as they look for the displays when walking. This is because most education systems teaches reading from left to right hence are convenient by this form of arrangement. Therefore, flat visual merchandising will not be convenient to consumers as vertical as they will not be able to catch their eyes compared to other forms.


Business cannot improve on their revenues if they maintain the same visual merchandising for a long time. Customers want to feel something new when they visit the stores; this call for a change after every given period. This is put to practice through finding new products from suppliers to make customers see and feel the change. Suppliers can also send new displays to the stores to enhance appeal of the visual merchandising.

Eye Level

Keeping the visual displays at the eye level of the target consumers is an effective strategy that influences positively on the business. Different consumers have different eye levels which impacts on their ability to view the visual displays. For instance, marketing displays for toys should be placed at a lower level where young children who are the target can reach them.

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