A few advice on how to make a strong thesis for a research paper

Every research paper should contain a thesis. When most writers here the word thesis, they get hung up on how technical it sounds. Because it is such an important part of the paper and because it sounds complicated, many writers draw a blank when it comes to writing this vital sentence.

The thesis is the most important part of your paper because it is a sentence that describes the whole reason why you are writing the paper. It is the main purpose. The thesis tells your reader what you are trying to prove by writing the paper.

In order to create a strong thesis, you should follow some simple rules. They will help you develop a thesis that works for your research paper.

  1. Do some research.
  2. Many people try to write the thesis and then do the research. The truth is that you won’t be able to write a strong thesis without having done some research. The thesis is what you are trying to prove from your research on a topic, so be sure to start doing the research and then write your thesis.

  3. Make sure that the thesis lists your supporting reasons.
  4. The thesis should include a general idea of your supporting reasons. It can list them for the reader. These are the facts that you will be discussing in your body paragraphs so it is a great transitional sentence at the end of the introduction as well. Be sure to list them in the thesis in the same order as you will discuss them in the paper.

  5. Determine what you are trying to prove.
  6. The thesis is designed to make a statement about the topic. This is the conclusion that you have come up with through your research. The conclusion should be something that you can prove. There should be three solid reasons to support your conclusion.

As you can see, the thesis really shouldn’t be as intimidating as everyone makes it out to be. The main idea is to choose a topic and research it. Once you have done some research, you would make a generalization or a conclusion from your research and then come up with three or more supporting reasons. Then take all of that information and put it into a sentence. This will help capture the essence of why you are writing a paper and help you have a strong thesis for your research paper.

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