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Essay writing services have grown in prominence over the years, providing students with a much needed reprieve from the daily demands of school and work. The internet world houses many different content writing services, including articles, blogs and academic assignments. All of the aforementioned services have commonalities, as in each situation, the writer defers copyright of the material to the person who purchased the content. However, academic assignments differ substantially in the sense that they are graded, and that plagiarism has potentially dire consequences. However, many people continue to use purchased research papers as a vital tool to get ahead in school. With the right hired writer, several students have passed difficult courses, and made it to the next level in their academic career. Pre-written essays have given them a noticeable boost of performance and confidence.


There are many controversies associated with custom written essay services. Some contend that these services are unethical, as they appear to blindside professors and instructors. When a professor or instructor gives an assignment, they anticipate that it will be a genuine representation of the student’s individual aptitude and ability to write. Hence, in some sense, many consider these essay writing services to be a deceptive, unethical attempt to get a good grade. Others believe that this is a form of plagiarism, as the student claims ownership of material that they themselves did not compose in an original way.

And finally, many believe that these writing services cripple wiring aptitude, depriving students of much needed writing practice. They project that if a student continues to purchase writing services, this will lead to a future decline in their academic performance, especially if they no longer have those tools at their disposal.


In spite of the critics, many people have benefited from personalized essays tailored to their writing needs. Sometimes, a student needs someone to model after, to show them how to write in a professional and eloquent fashion. A professional writer can serve as a great role model, after which the student can emulate. In many writing intensive classes, students are not provided ideal writing samples that they can model after. So, in this context, a research paper writing service would benefit a student in the long run.

Students do not have to necessarily submit the same research paper that they received from the hired writer. They can use the professional copy as a framework for their research, and add a few modifications to make it uniquely theirs.

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