Writing an Artificial Intelligence Essay

Artificial Intelligence is basically the intelligence of machines and robots and is part of the computer science field. Throughout the decades it has been defined and redefined. When doing an essay on AI, you’ll want to narrow the field either by research or by answering questions. As this is deals with science, research would be the best course of action.

A few basic topics to work with are:

  • Problems that have been encountered in creating intelligence.
  • Tools used in creating intelligence.
  • How a robot or machine’s intelligence is measured? Explain the Turing Test.
  • Everyday use of AI.
  • AI in popular culture.
  • The future of artificial intelligence.

An essay on artificial intelligence can either be informative or—if there are any issue that arises about AI—argumentative. The suggestions above can be narrowed to specific topics if needed. The topics on artificial intelligence are just as broad as the subject itself.


You’ll need to do it if you want a successful paper. You simply need to read resources, take notes of the material and pages, and use the facts in your essay. That’s the bulk of what you need to do with your research and it will go hand in hand with how you came to your conclusions. Research contributes to giving your points legs to stand on. Also note that research can provide you with your thesis statement.


This is another way to come up with a thesis statement, basically. You should ask questions about the information you’ve gathered and see what you can work with. Any answers you come up with could be your thesis statement. Everything between the question and answer will make up your essay.


Start off with an introduction that addresses the problem. Next, go into your answers or solutions explaining all aspects of them such as how did you reach the conclusion. You’ll want to handle formatting, citations, and bibliography. If you’re unfamiliar with what style your instructor wants you to format your paper in, then use one of many acceptable formatting styles such as MLA, APA, Chicago Manual style, and so on.

Your essay will need a strong introduction to start it off on a good note. Your opening will also include a brief preview your essay. Your closing statement will be as strong as your essay and introduction and will also need to provide a brief review.

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