Research Paper Writing: Make Weekly Management Plan

Are you the type of student who is always handing their paper in at the last moment? Do you find yourself pulling all nighters the day before your assignment is due because you procrastinated?

This is very common for many students who are in their freshmen years. This is because they have not yet learnt the writing discipline that is required to get all of their homework finished in a timely fashion. Learning how to manage your time in College and University is very important. One of the ways that you can learn to do this is by working from a schedule and completing a weekly management plan.


When your assignment is first assigned chances are you will probably think that you have plenty of time to get it done. The average time frame for a research paper project is usually only a week. This really isn’t much time at all if you think about it. Start right away by making your “writing schedule” up in a day planner as soon as the project is assigned. Also on the first day you should make a list of potential topics and complete your preliminary research to pick one.


By now you should know what topic you are going to write on. Begin your work by drawing up an outline and beginning the research process. Place your research notes directly into the outline using full sentences. Make sure to keep a list of your sources so you do not have to go back and find these later.


It is half way through the week and your paper should be half done! Today, review your outline and begin drafting your composition. Eliminate any notes that do not fit within the paper. Make sure that everything reflects back to your topic sentence or thesis.


Today, you are going to review your first draft and make any further amendments. You are also going to complete your sources cited page.


Your paper is due! (Or at least your are ready to hand it in) Before you do this give it a final read over and review. Make sure that you proofread for spelling and grammatical errors as well as make sure that your sources cited page is complete.

Finishing a research paper writing assignment in a week at first may seem like an impossible endeavor. It may seem even more so if you are the kind of person who usually finished their assignments the night before fueled by coffee and energy drinks. Working from a schedule will eliminate that and remove the stress. You will be able to hand in a perfect paper that only took a little bit of work every night throughout the week.

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