Writing an Essay: Common Errors

Essay writing requires time and practice. It is not an easy task. While writing an essay students make a number of mistakes. They did such mistakes about which they are unaware of. They make mistakes while writing the essay and forget about them and in the end get low grades. Here is the list of the mistakes that a student commit while writing the essay.

Common errors while writing an essay:

The errors that students do while writing the essay are as follows:

  • Students do not write thesis statement:
  • An essay’s most basic requirement is to write down the thesis statement which is the main idea of the whole essay. Students forget writing or highlighting a separate thesis statement which creates problem in getting high scores.

  • Students do not write the conclusion of the essay:
  • It is the deadly mistake of the students that they do not write the conclusion of their essay and stop writing the essay before it completes according to the pattern. For a reader conclusion is the most important part of the essay because it gives the brief summary and main idea of the essay.

  • Students do not write the references of the quotes:
  • Most of the time students forget writing the reference of the quote that they have taken from someone’s article or book. This thing is considered as plagiarism. To write someone’s point in own words without giving his reference is the plagiarism.

  • Students do not write complete sentences:
  • Students write incomplete sentences. A sentence is completed only if it contains a subject who takes the action and a verb (the action a subject is taking). If a sentence does not contain a verb and a subject then it is not considered as a complete sentence.

  • Students make spelling mistakes:
  • It is the common mistake of the students that the write wrong spellings. To make spelling mistake is also equivalent to invite marks deduction.

  • Students do not use proper punctuation marks:
  • The students do not take care of the comma, full stop, inverted commas, comma splices etc. such type of errors are called the improper use of punctuation marks.

  • Students add second person in their essay:
  • It is the most recommended tip for the students to be you while writing the essay. Always use the first person because you are writing your essay yourself. It will keep the level of the reader’s attention towards your essay.

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