Research Paper First Draft Writing Guide

Every essay or research paper usually consists of three portions.

The three portions of the research paper are as follows:

  1. foreword or introduction of the research paper.
  2. Body of the research paper.
  3. results, conclusions, and recommendations.
  1. Introduction/ foreword of the research paper:
  2. The foreword, preface is the primary section of the document. It frequently starts by means of a universal declaration regarding the subject matter of the research paper and it finishes through a supplementary precise declaration of the key plan of the research paper.

    The aim of the foreword:

    The aim of the introduction or foreword of the research paper is listed as follows:

    • To help reader or observer about the theme of the research.
    • Let somebody know the purpose or the main idea of your research paper.
    • Stimulate the observer's inquisitiveness.
  3. Main content or body of the research paper:
  4. After the introduction section which is the first section of the research paper, now comes the body or main content of the research paper. The body of the research paper contains the detail of each point mentioned in the introduction section. It is written in the form of more than one paragraph. Each paragraph is the illustration of each point and gives a detail. Each paragraph is specific to only one idea or thought. More than one thought should not be mixed up in the same paragraph. You have to make use of figures, diagrams, statistics, charts, tables and many other supporting examples to confirm your position. It will stimulate the reader towards your research. Use simple wording to give a flow to your research and go step by step. Do not intermingle the whole information and make it complex for the observer.

  5. Results, conclusions, and recommendations:
  6. Results, conclusions and recommendations are probably the last section of the research paper. This section of the research paper has some aims and objectives.

    The aims of the section are as follows:

    • Write your results in black and white.
    • The results should be considered as the final.
    • They should be based on factual data.
    • Give a summary of your points.
    • Repeat the major thought of your research paper.

There are some other sections of the research paper which are as follows:

Annotation or appendix or footnotes and endnotes of the research paper:

After writing the introduction section, main content and the results and conclusions, support your writing by giving matching example or quotation or make a diagram at the end of each paper. It will enhance the beauty of your research paper.

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