What Is Slavery?

Slavery is when another person owns someone; this person can control what they do and where they live.  I know this sounds like a lifetime movie about a bad marriage/relationship but that is not the slavery I’m talking about.  There are two kinds of slavery, being a slave and being enslaved.  If you are talking about a slave, they are someone that is the property of someone and they are forced to work for little or no money.  An enslaved person is someone who is forced to be a slave and this is still going on today. There is also a third one called a Chattel slave, this kind of enslaved person is owned forever and every generation of their family is automatically their property.

You might think that the end of slavery was abolished in the 19th century but you would be wrong.  There are still many forms of slavery still out there today.  One form is called bonded labor, this is when a person takes out a loan and then has to repay it with work, which is fine but these people have to work seven days a week with little or no money and because their work is far greater than the loan amount they keep them enslaved and this can be passed on to other generations.  Forced labor is kind of like bonded labor but it when a person is force to work or perform a service against their will and will be punished if they don’t do it, prostitution, domestic work, and illegal activities are good examples of this.

There are child slavery going on right under our noses, these children are forced to do things that they don’t understand and that are inhuman.  Child slavery is when someone uses a child for his or her own profit, through forced labor, prostitution, drug trade, and so on.  There are over two hundred million child labors between the ages of five and seventeen today and hundred of millions of other that are forced to do other degrading acts.  Which brings me to human trafficking, this form of slavery includes men, women, and children, who are kidnapped and then forced to do things like prostitution, labor, begging, criminal activities, become domestic servant, be forced to marry, and can even be forced to have organs removed.  You might have thought that slavery was over but now people have just found new ways to do it.

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