3 Tips For Writing an Argumentative Research Paper

If you have an argumentative research paper to write then there can be certain things to consider. Obviously, it is slightly different to other essays that you may write, in that you are strongly taking one viewpoint as opposed to simply relaying information for someone else to make their own judgements.

Of course, as with most essays, you will have some kind of conclusion leaning potentially to one side or the other, but you can always sometimes have a little bit of leeway in other essays. With an argumentative essay you take a viewpoint from the beginning and try and give the evidence and arguments to argue it throughout the rest of the essay.

Avoid language that is emotional

This is probably one of the most important things in an argumentative research paper. At times, this can seem very easy, particularly if it is a subject that you feel very strongly about, to allow emotion to creep into the essay. However, you should try and write it from a fairly unbiased point of view and use the facts and logic to prove your point as opposed to using any emotion.

Emotional language taken can detract from the quality of your arguments, bringing with it the subjective viewpoint as opposed to an objective one. It is a lot easier to argue with one’s feelings as opposed to logic and facts, so by omitting any emotional language you can maintain the credibility of the argument and strengthen it at the same time.

Include both sides of the argument

This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to argue each viewpoint as strongly as the other, but if you consider any of the points that the opposing argument could bring up you can find a way of counteracting those points or even finding a way to show how they are invalid in terms of the argument.

Ensure the validity and integrity of your arguments

This may sound obvious, but it is very important that any arguments you make are valid, particularly if backed up with any external evidence, it can be very important to cite any references that you make use too. Therefore, the sources of the references that you are citing have to be credible, otherwise it can easily detract from the point that you may be trying to make, even if the point that you’re trying to make is true.

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