Is It Possible to Find a Unique Topic for a Psychology Term Paper?

Do you have difficulty finding a great topic for your psychology term papers? Do you wonder if there are any unique and interesting topics you can research and write about? Lucky for you the answer is: Yes, there are still thousands of unique topics for a psychology term paper to choose from. The best way to find a such a topic is to narrow your focus to subtopics which have been explored in some way, but can still be approached in new and creative ways.

Here are some suggestions for unique topics that could help inspire some creativity of your own:

Abnormal Psychology Topics

Phobias – Did you know that phobias are the most common mental disorder in the U.S.? You might want to consider how the diagnosis of some phobias have led to the creation of others in patients.

Antisocial Personality Disorder – Common indicators of APD are cruelty to animals, fire-setting, and difficulty with authority figures. But critics of the DSM diagnostic criteria for this disorder are too focused and therefore may be overstated. What is your position on the matter?

Cognitive Psychology Topics

False Memories – False memories is a phenomenon where someone recalls a memory that never happened. How does hypnosis work in the context of memory tests used to identify false memories?

Problem-Solving – The goal of problem-solving is to overcome challenges and find solutions. Can

understanding how problem-solving processes develop revolutionize the way students learn and are taught?

Developmental Psychology Topics

Bullying – Bullying is usually a distinct pattern of intentional harm and humiliation of others. How is the decreasing development in social skills contributing to the rise of social problems like bullying?

Child Abuse – In what ways does child abuse affect coincide with the increased numbers of patients diagnosed with depression and early onset of mental illness?

Social Psychology Topics

Attitudes – What is the psychology of social influence and attitude change in children versus young adults? What effects do social influences in early years have on the adult attitude behavior and potential for change?

Attraction – People have been interested in physical beauty for centuries, but the science of it has been largely unknown. How has our perception of attraction changed in context of psychological responses to surroundings.

Because psychology covers such a wide range of topics, you will have a large selection of topic ideas for your term paper. Try using some of the above suggestions as a starting point, or try developing your own unique topic by narrowing down your focus from a general one.

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