A Guide For Choosing An Original Topic For A Research Paper

Everyone loves originality, whether they’re original clothes, food, personality or hobbies. Among the millions of people in this world, the original card is the only card that people can play in order to get noticed. So, the question for STUDENTS is how to get an original and unique topic for their paper so that they’re essay shines.

Originality takes a lot of work, similarly, students won’t find innovative topics until they start thinking, and thinking big. It’s called brainstorming. For example, if a student studies psychology or medicine, he or she should thoroughly analyze the topics related to it that have scope for research and study. The topic may be something that is unconventional, controversial, and that that has never been looked at deeply before. And here is where the student can find that freshness.

When the student is thinking it all out, he or she should ask themselves questions. For example, is the topic novel enough? What’s so unique about it? How many people have previously written on it? How popular is it? The student should try to come up with answers that will lead him or her to an out-of-the-box topic for the research. So when thinking, students should think CREATIVELY. A research paper is like a piece of art, the more the student goes way wards, the more he or she will come up with different topics to choose from.

Students should remember that every field, course and subject has a particular area which comes under the heading of ‘the unknown’ or ‘the unexplained’. Such lines of search can also make the paper very interesting and of course different.

In the process of doing all this, students should NEVER compromise on their lines of interests; it would be useless if they write on an original topic yet have absolutely no interest in it. Research papers are there to test the areas of interest of the student.

So if someone likes a topic that is creative enough, they should go ahead, make it more specific and start the assignment work.

There isn’t really a step-to-step guide for choosing an original topic; it works differently for different people. Any old inspiration can bring up an out of the world topic. It may even work for some students after reading through the course or sample topics. The thing to keep in mind is that it all starts with the old-fashioned thinking process.

Or as the famous detective, Hercule Poirot says, ‘It is the brain, the little gray cells on which one must rely.’

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