How to create a Research Paper on Gay Marriage

There isn’t anything special about this research paper; writing about gay marriage is just the same as writing about environmentally friendly smokestack filters or how robots could change the future. Any topic needs certain things to make an essay good, and even a controversial or tender subject like gay rights can be handled exactly the same way. If you’re worried about this research paper, you should look up some similar papers online and read them. Ideally, find and read essays about a variety of opinions and sides to the subject, so that you can choose the one you want to speak from and get more general knowledge about the subject as a whole.

Doing Research for a Research Paper

As its name suggests, research papers are heavy on the ‘researching’ part. It’s a good idea to do the bulk of this ahead of time. Don’t even worry about what to write in your essay until you’re up to your eyeballs in library books. When you’re researching, make sure to look in every possible place for a wide variety of sources. Here are a few ideas where you can find good research:

  • At your school and public libraries
  • Your textbook and its bibliography at the back of the book
  • Other class resources and examples from your teacher
  • Do you know someone who participates in gay rights events or someone who is very against them? Interview one or both of them about their opinion and record what you talk about to use for quotes in your paper.
  • Look to local websites and other organizations for documentaries, articles, and information
  • Are there any journals or magazines that you can read?

Using the above ideas, collect as many sources as you need and keep them in one place for ease of reference while you write the first draft. Think about how you’re going to organize and present the information as you go through it. If your teacher wants a certain format or structure to this research paper, then make sure you follow that while you write. It’s easy marks to simply follow all the instructions and get the formatting right. Then your next step is to write the best research paper you can with the research and structure that you have. Keep referring to this list if you need a reminder of where to find additional information.

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