Can There Be Good Come Out of Evil?

The existence and the truth behind good and evil have dominated discourses in philosophy for centuries. Renowned international scholars in theology, philosophy and related religious disciplines have held divergent views that have had a profound influence to the 21st century thought of good and evil. Nevertheless, there seems to be no end (at least for now) to the often vigorous and heated dispute between the two warring parties of whether good can come out of evil or evil can come out of good.

The first step in informing the decision whether any good can come out of evil is to understand the concept of good and evil. One cannot accurately discern what evil is without evoking what is good. The two are inseparably wound or better yet, are like two sides of a coin. Just like one cannot fathom darkness without first experiencing light, or appreciate day, without having night. The old age doctrine of opposites vividly posits that, one thing comes from its opposite. For instance, something is cold because initially, it was hot but slowly cooled. That is why it is being referred to as cold. So therefore, it is true that the hot comes from cold and the converse is true. Opposites therefore, define, complement and complete one another.

The description of what is good and evil is subject to change because it exists only in acuity. The best approach to understanding evil is that, evil is not a thing. Evil in its basic sense is simply a tag that we assign to people, values, beliefs, perceptions et al, that are not cognizant with our own. Scholars of philosophy have argued that evil possesses no ontological status in itself. It possesses no ontological status, meaning that evil, as an entity in itself, does not exist. It is the absence of good, a deprivation of good and not a thing in itself.

Perhaps, from a biblical standpoint, the most powerful example of good coming from evil is the crucifixion of Jesus Christ. Due to the sinful nature of mankind, the human race is responsible for executing the impeccant Son of God. In all eternity, this was the gravest of all evils. Even so, God instead of punishing took our evil and turned it into the ultimate act of good. He offered us redemption and forgiveness of sin. From this great evil, God offered us an intimate relationship, unity, and reconciliation with Himself. The death of Jesus Christ on the cross gives humanity hope. Hope that, irrespective of what evil we commit or those committed onto us, God is capable of turning that evil into good and fulfill His intended purposes.

There is a popularly held belief that evil is a necessary part of the world. There cannot be good without bad. It is the notion that we invoke to justify the evils that we commit. In order to establish peace in the world, wars must be fought! A classic example of how good can come out of evil. The reality of evil confronts us daily. Men and women perpetrate atrocious acts of terrorism, violence and degradation endlessly. News reports that stream from all over the globe on a consistent basis attest of the despicable depths to which human beings stoop. However, to postulate of an ideal, ethical and morally upright world would be anything short of utopian. Doing away with evil would mean no good left to appreciate. There can never be a society devoid of good and evil as everything that is good is inherently evil.

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