Capital Punishment Research Paper Outline

If you are writing a paper on the topic of capital punishment and you're not sure where to begin it may be helpful to write yourself an outline so that you can cover all of the points you need to discuss and stay on track. This is a topic that has been done plenty of time so finding an angle won't be difficult and you can even get some help form online resources. This is a basic outline, though, that will help you get started on your paper.

Have a good opening.

It isn't enough to say that you are for or against capital punishment when you write a paper about the topic. You need to start with something a little more compelling, like the number of innocent people put the death each year, or the amount of money tax payers pay for keeping people on death row. These are based on fact and can still tell people what side of the debate you are on without being boring or sensational.

Start with the facts that support your thesis.

If you are for the death penalty, state why and break it down into three separate points. Each point should have at least one fact, cite the source, and a quote from that source to fully support your thesis. If you have more than one point, that's fine, but don't use more than five points to support your statement.

Use dissenting opinion.

If you know of facts that can go directly against what you have put, do not skirt around them. Simply list them along with your information and show why you don't agree with that position. If you totally ignore it you run the risk of people who know about the fact reading your paper and wondering why you didn't talk about that information.

Have a solid conclusion.

Rounding out your points with a solid conclusion is one of the hardest parts of a paper. Don't add in new material, and round up your facts nicely to make a strong conclusion and end your paper on a solid note.

Writing about capital punishment can be easy because it has been done so often, but writing a paper that doesn't get too bogged down or isn't too boring is a challenge. Follow a basic outline to get the information you have researched put in the paper properly. If you can't get your own outline to be what you need you can find help online with previously written papers about capital punishment.

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