Research Paper About Abortion: Defining Your Position

Anytime you write a research paper on any topic you need to be able to define your position. This is generally done in the opening paragraph in the form of a thesis statement. This is not difficult to do and basically you just state your position, why that is your stance and how you plan to show supporting evidence for your stance through your research that will be put forth in the rest of the paper.

With something like abortion your stance might be supported and influenced by many factors. These could include religious beliefs, how you were raised or even follow political lines. No matter what it was that influenced your opinion on matters like these, make them clear in your paper.

That being said, make sure that they are backed up in your research. Here are some things to remember when conducting that research.

  • Use relevant material
  • Any materials that you use as sources should be no older than 10 years. If you use online sources, try to only stick to ones that have URLs ending with .edu, .org or .gov. Do not ever use Wikipedia as a source. Although you can find a lot of information there it is not considered a credible source for research due to the fact that anyone can make a Wikipedia page about anything regardless of whether they know anything about it or not.

  • Cite all sources
  • While you are conducting your research take copious notes and be sure to include all of the relevant information for your reference page. This is crucial. Without writing down the info as you go you may have to go back through everything again when you realize that you are missing source information.

  • Don’t try to cover broad aspects
  • Narrow your topic down. In cases like your stance or opinion on something only look for materials that will support the way you feel about it instead of looking for the reasons for both sides of the issue.

By following those tips it will be easier to write your paper on abortion. Be clear and concise in your thoughts and make every single sentence count. Do not fill it with fluff (non-essential information) just to meet the specified length. Make sure that before you print it out and hand it in you check it for spelling, punctuation and proper grammar as you could lose points for all of those things.

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